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Uncoverage: Empowering Students to Become Part of History

November 4, 2021 by Deborah Skolnick-Einhorn (Faculty and Staff) Lisa Schopf (Faculty and Staff)

This article was published in HaYidion November 2021. As a doctoral student at Brandeis, Deborah and her classmates were encouraged to design “readings courses” around topics of interest that weren’t otherwise available in the curriculum. As is sometimes the case, the one willing to do the legwork gets to chart the course, and so Deborah […]

Experiential Learning Integrates Social Studies, Science, Art and Hebrew

November 1, 2021

Second graders visited iconic DC sites, exploring elements of design and reflecting on their meaning. On their recent field trip, students learned about city architecture and planning on a special walking tour. Stops included the U.S. Botanical Gardens, Native American Museum Memorial, U.S. Capitol Building (which the children sketched), and the Washington Monument. At the […]

Middle School Scholars Forum: Study of Civil Rights

October 21, 2021 by Lisa Schopf (Faculty and Staff)

Seventh graders delved into the inspiring, evocative words of Abraham Lincoln and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on their field trip to DC memorials this week. Students selected passages from The Gettysburg Address, Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address, and the words of Martin Luther King, Jr. that are inscribed on the walls and memorials. They reflected […]

Sukkot Message from Milton

September 23, 2021 by Deborah Skolnick-Einhorn (Faculty and Staff)

Our family has moved quite a bit over the 16 years since our eldest was born. This has been the source of some parental hand-wringing, always wondering and worrying about the balance of taking on meaningful opportunities to serve our Jewish communities professionally while also personally building community for our own family. We have become pros […]

Happy New Year from Milton

September 9, 2021 by Deborah Skolnick-Einhorn (Faculty and Staff)

Shana tova, all! This year, as we prepare for 5782 and the new school year, we have set our community kavannah, our intention, as the pursuit of shleimut, of wholeness. Last year, I urged us all to consider curating the hagim, to pare things down to the essentials. I pushed myself to look at the […]

Welcome to the New School Year

September 3, 2021

Welcome to the 2021-22 school year! Over the past days, our classrooms and hallways have been filled with the joy, wonder, exuberance, curiosity, creativity, and laughter of children. Our students are starting new routines, learning, asking questions, singing, praying, playing, and making connections. Check out our First Days of School video to see some of […]

Welcome to the Milton Board for 2021-2022

July 29, 2021

We are excited to welcome the new Board Members for 2021-2022, thank our Board Members rotating off of their terms, and share with you information about Milton’s Board of Trustees. Joining our Board of Trustees: Adam Berman is a parent of a first grader and Pre-Kindergartener at Milton, as well as two younger children. During the […]

Message from the Head of School About Shaloh House

July 2, 2021 by Deborah Skolnick-Einhorn (Faculty and Staff)

Usually, when I cry, I can feel it coming for a bit and – depending on the circumstance – might try to fight the tears back or decide to let them flow. But when I read about the stabbing outside of a Jewish school in Boston yesterday, the tears were instant. Thank god, the rabbi […]

Thank You and a Fond Farewell to Our Departing Faculty and Staff

July 1, 2021 by Deborah Skolnick-Einhorn (Faculty and Staff)

We want to express our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the faculty and staff members who are off to new adventures. Their talent and dedication have enriched the lives of their colleagues, students and the entire school and community. You will be missed and will always be part of the MILTON family! Toda Raba and […]

Ode to JPDS/Milton

June 29, 2021 by Devora Kimelman-Block (Community)

2004, the last time we saw the Cicada X brood, was my oldest child’s first year at JPDS. Now, 4 kids and a generation of 17-year cicadas later, we are facing our family’s waning hours at Milton. In less than two weeks (around the same time the 2021 cicadas depart), my youngest child, and our […]