Student Support Services

Learning Support

As a community of diverse learners, we value the unique learning profiles of all students and build on each child’s strengths while supporting them to meet their challenges and grow.

Our experienced team of learning specialists provides academic and organizational support to students across grade levels, both in class and in small groups, in General Studies and in Hebrew and Judaic Studies.

Students in the early grades may be offered more explicit instruction in phonics utilizing the Orton Gillingham based Wilson Reading System. Additional support for reading fluency and comprehension is also offered throughout elementary school, along with opportunities for individualized and small group support in math and Hebrew language all the way up through middle school.

At Milton, we use a team approach to best meet our students’ needs.

Learning specialists partner and collaborate with classroom teachers, tutors, and other professionals to tailor instruction to a child’s specific needs and learning style and provide students with the tools and skills they need to confidently engage with material across disciplines. The support team also meets and communicates regularly with parents to coordinate efforts toward our shared goals for a student.


At Milton, we see each child as a whole and unique individual.

We provide significant attention and meaningful support to the social development and emotional needs of all of our students, which is essential for them to learn and thrive. Each one of our campuses is supported by a dedicated guidance counselor who specializes in the best practices and particular needs within early childhood, elementary, and middle school, and tailors their approach to supporting children with these distinct developmental stages in mind.

We create genuine connections with kids that help them feel respected, cared for, and validated.

Guidance counselors prioritize building warm, trusting relationships with each student and foster open, collaborative communication that allows them to guide students and families through some of their most challenging times. Milton students truly value the special relationships they have with counselors and often take initiative to utilize counseling support at school throughout their careers.

Counselors provide social, emotional, and behavioral support to students individually, in small groups, and through regular classroom lessons utilizing a research-based social-emotional curriculum. Guidance lessons focus on themes around empathy, emotion management, communication, and problem-solving. Counselors partner with teachers to provide students with opportunities to practice the skills they’re learning during the day and to promote a culture of caring and acceptance throughout the entire school.

In addition to working closely with students and teachers, counselors partner with parents to best understand and support their children, as families play a critical role in their child’s success and sense of well being at school. Counselors are available to collaborate with parents and develop plans that will meet their child’s needs and assist them in being their best self.

Milton counselors have also established strong relationships with a professional network of experts in the field who make themselves available for consultation and support of Milton students and families. Working together as a team, we ensure that every child’s individual needs are understood and supported with compassion and respect.

“There is a special level of kindness among the students and in the way the students treat each other.”