Middle School Academics

Our Middle School students are emboldened to achieve high levels of scholarship and to participate fully in the Milton experience as joyful learners, innovative thinkers, and empathetic leaders. They spur intellectual debates, ask questions, and tackle new challenges. Milton students develop the skills, mastery, and confidence they need to excel in high school, college, and life.

The Middle School years are a period of physical, social, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual growth. We help our students thrive using an approach grounded in:

  • Research-based educational best practices.
  • Values and principles that derive from our Jewish heritage.
  • Supportive relationships with faculty and advisers who help students fulfill their potential.
  • Real-world experiences and opportunities for meaningful contribution.
  • Independence and freedom of choice.

Writing Across Disciplines
At Milton, we emphasize the benefits of critical thinking and writing in all disciplines. Writing is the portal for clarifying our thinking, communicating our convictions, stating a clear and focused argument, and substantiating our input with evidence.

Our students write often, in a number of styles and with a clear sense of the objectives they are pursuing. They write for their classmates, and, as educated peer editors, offer meaningful and constructive feedback to each other. They share their words with their teachers for specific and helpful critique. Our students write for broader audiences to transfer knowledge and to inspire thinking.

Most importantly, they write for themselves, using words to crystallize their thinking and their identities. Our emphasis on research and writing empowers students to produce work that reflects the complexity of their studies and that conveys their independent academic arguments.

Milton Students Achieve as Scholars
Milton Students Achieve as Scholars

We engage students as individuals with boundless potential. They learn with joy and determination, mastering a broad range of subjects and developing 21st century skills critical for success in high school, college, and life.

Supportive Relationships with Faculty
Supportive Relationships with Faculty

Students cultivate meaningful connections with faculty, academic advisers, and peers within our supportive learning environment, inspiring them to participate fully in the middle school experience as joyful learners, innovative thinkers, and empathetic leaders.

Problem-Solving and Abstract Thinking
Problem-Solving and Abstract Thinking

Throughout our integrated curriculum, students have opportunities to grapple with challenges, frame problems in new ways, propose original solutions, innovate, collaborate, and present their ideas with clarity and confidence.

“The middle school is an incredibly exciting opportunity to extend the joy, academic rigor, and magic of Milton.”