Elementary School Academics

Our Elementary School program builds on the foundations of joyful learning our students develop in Early Elementary, bringing students to the next developmental and intellectual level. Together with their teachers, our Elementary School students grapple with real-world issues, problems, and scenarios and build on what they know as a base for learning more.

Students learn how to find the information they need and how to intelligently, critically, and ethically use information to inform their opinions and choices.

Our teachers work in close collaboration across all subject areas to foster student growth and understanding from multiple perspectives. For instance, second graders study space and build their informational reading skills by exploring text features such as subject headings, diagrams, captions, and topic sentences. They discuss descriptive language as they pen space-themed poetry; design, prototype, and model space exploration vehicles specifically suited to the planet of their choice; and use their Hebrew skills to discuss the lives of Israeli astronauts.

Our educational philosophy in Elementary School comprises the following beliefs:

  • Children learn best when they are actively engaged as protagonists in their learning – thinking, exploring, asking, and doing.
  • Design Thinking elevates their learning and allows students to utilize research, content knowledge, empathy, creativity, and 21st Century engineering skills.
  • Our Jewish values, texts, and traditions inform the classroom experience throughout the disciplines and encourage students to explore the world through a Jewish lens.
  • Project-based learning takes place in an atmosphere of excellence so that students grow confident, knowing how much they can achieve.


Elementary School Curriculum

Instilling Perseverance
Instilling Perseverance

Milton students remain engaged even when they encounter challenges.

Intent in Everything
Intent in Everything

Milton faculty collaborate on curricular choices and take advantage of professional development opportunities.

STEM and Design Thinking
STEM and Design Thinking

Design Thinking is about using empathy, research, creativity, and 21st Century skills to deepen learning. Presented with a problem, students brainstorm, research, design, and prototype solutions.

“The school has given my family and my children an important bond to their Jewish heritage and shaped who they are today.”