Mission Statement and Core Values

Mission Statement

“… you shall teach them diligently to your children.”

The mission of the Milton Gottesman Jewish Day School of the Nation’s Capital is to provide a strong foundation in Jewish and secular learning, laying the groundwork for our students to become knowledgeable, responsible Jews and citizens, who are deeply committed to the community at large, to Jewish living and values, and to the people and state of Israel. Our school strives to create an environment filled with warmth, joy, and intellectual excitement that celebrates the unique qualities of each student, respects varied approaches to Judaism, fosters a strong sense of ethics and of self, embraces diversity, and builds a community of lifelong learners.

Core Values

These core values inform and inspire the daily life of our school:

  • In God’s Image – בצלם אלקים (B’tzelem Elokim)

We recognize all living beings as unique creations, celebrating every member of our community and individualizing our approaches to learning to foster the growth of each student.

  • Study of Torah – תלמוד תורה (Talmud Torah)

We provide a challenging educational program grounded in the precepts of Torah, inspiring our students to develop a personal connection to Jewish life and a commitment to lifelong learning.

  • Thoughtful Conduct – דרך ארץ (Derech Eretz)

We instill in our students middot (values) to guide their behavior, expecting all members of our community to treat each other with honor and respect.

  • One People – עם אחד (Am Echad)

We celebrate the unity of the Jewish people and the diversity of our approaches to Jewish life.

  • Looking toward Zion – עין לציון (Ayin L’Tzion)

We promote a deep connection to Israel, to its history and culture, to its people, and to the Hebrew language.

  • From Generation to Generation – מדור לדור (M’dor L’dor)

We value the continuity of Jewish life, forging our students’ links to an ancient tradition and inspiring their commitments to uphold that tradition in the future.

  • Transforming the World – תיקון עולם (Tikkun Olam)

We prepare our students for responsible citizenship in the broader community, encouraging them to sustain and improve the world around them.