Elementary School Curriculum

Through individualized attention, a Design Thinking approach, and project-based learning, Milton students leave Grade 5 well-prepared for the rigors of our Middle School. Our teachers foster academic achievement and stimulate critical thinking. They nurture strong relationships with each student, creating an environment of trust and growth in which students take ownership of their learning.

Delving deeply into content material fosters mastery of both foundational skills, such as reading comprehension and arithmetic, as well as life skills like inquiry, critical thinking, collaboration, and effective communication.

Through hands-on and minds-on engagement across the disciplines, students learn not just for success in the classroom, but for life.

Judaic Studies
Language Arts
Social Studies
Classes are Alive with Hebrew Chatter
Classes are Alive with Hebrew Chatter

Milton is a destination for educators across the country to visit and learn about our engaging and data-informed approach to developing Hebrew language and cultural proficiency.

Civic-Minded Projects
Civic-Minded Projects

Our students are empowered to connect with and learn from their local, national, and global communities.

Immersed in Jewish Text and Values
Immersed in Jewish Text and Values

Jewish values, ideas, texts, and traditions influence and inform all that we do at Milton.