Why Milton?

Imagine your child in a school that sees children as individuals, builds on their unique strengths, develops critical thinking and creativity, promotes Jewish values, and cultivates a love of learning as a vital part of their identity.

Now, imagine your entire family as a part of a vibrant, pluralistic, warm, and intellectually exciting community.

That school is Milton.

Academic Excellence and Jewish Values

Faculty members embrace each child and guide them to stretch and grow as learners and unique individuals. We engage students’ curiosity and make learning meaningful, experiential, and enduring across all grades. In our classrooms, Science Labs, and Design Lab, students ask questions, research, brainstorm ideas, prototype solutions, take ownership of their work, and address real-life issues.

From Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 8, our students participate in community-oriented projects that instill the importance of becoming responsible citizens who look to improve the world.

We dive into Jewish life – from a spirited early-morning tefilah experience to the foundational texts of the Jewish people. As part of the Proficiency Approach to teaching Hebrew, we immerse students in Hebrew conversation, songs, poems, and Israeli literature. Our younger learners write and illustrate short stories in Hebrew and write and perform original Hebrew songs and skits. Students in the older grades show their mastery of written and oral Hebrew through presentations on topics of their choosing.

Teachers guide students to balance action with reflection.

All children deserve a school that:

  • Values every part of their identity and development.
  • Empowers students to feel comfortable in their own skin.
  • Presents opportunities and support to overcome challenges.

These beliefs inform our educational philosophy and every interaction with our students.

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“Milton is an environment filled with real intellectual curiosity, excitement, and warmth.”

Collaboration and Critical Thinking
Immersed in Our Jewish Heritage
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