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Second Graders Get Creative and Write Math Songs

October 28, 2015 by Carmel P (’22) (Students) Eliana D (’22) (Students) Gabriella K (’22) (Students) Serah J (’22) (Students) Shoshana T (’22) (Students)

At the beginning of the year, all the second graders at JPDS-NC worked on a special math project. We came up with creative ways to help us learn skip count patterns. The students were divided into small groups. Each groups was assigned a number to skip count by. Each group had a different number from 2 to 12. We made songs out of the skip count patterns. Some groups used tunes from songs they knew, like Happy Birthday and other groups wrote original tunes to memorize the skip counts. The songs were recorded and will be given out to all of the second graders. This project was FUN and helped us learn skip counting in a way we are sure to remember.

During this project, all the 2nd graders also rotated through other activities that taught different math skills, like working with money, making a calendar and learning about place value. Overall, we enjoyed this project and the chance to work with students from the other second grade classes.