DC Advantage

The Capital is our classroom.

Washington, DC presents limitless opportunities for immersive learning experiences.

Milton students visit the Capitol, the White House, perform at embassies, and learn from educators at the Smithsonian museums. Our students explore federal sites, examine art at national galleries, and learn about the unique challenges in our federal parks.

Parents, alumni, grandparents, and friends come to Milton to share their expertise and diverse perspectives with the students.

Milton community members have spoken on topics including the protection of endangered animals, foreign aid, global assistance, international trade, the use of diplomacy on the world stage, and Supreme Court cases. Students have worked with professionals in documentary filmmaking, visual arts, theater, journalism, and publishing. Our dynamic program fuels students’ curiosity, broadens their perspective, and fosters in them a deep sense of empathy and civic engagement.

As a result, Milton students are empowered citizens who engage with the world locally and globally.

Jewish Military History Museum
Biblical Art at the National Gallery
Oral Arguments at the Supreme Court