The school hosts events throughout the year that showcase our dynamic academic program and celebrate our vibrant, engaged community.

Jewish Life

  • Chagigat HaSiddur – First grade parents are invited to school to celebrate the presentation of their child’s first siddur (prayerbook).
  • Chagigat HaChumash – Celebrate with your child as they receive their first Chumash (Five Books of Moses).
  • Siyum Sefer Shemot – Seventh grade families celebrate the students’ completion of the Book of Exodus. Students represent the knowledge and skills they acquired over a multi-year period by revisiting text as advanced learners, re-learning text in Hebrew, and sharing creative presentations of meaningful projects.
  • Sharing Shabbat – In this voluntary program coordinated by the MPA, Milton families and staff can opt to host another family for Shabbat, or request to be hosted. It’s a great way to meet new people and share in different observances.

Learning Together

  • Scholars Forum – Experts in all areas share real-world knowledge with middle school students. We then connect the learning to other areas of study and to our ethical responsibility as Jews and global citizens.
  • People of the Book – These informal gatherings hosted by parents provide a forum to learn from each other and draw upon our outstanding parent community of authors, artists, scholars, and policymakers.
  • Ari Zymelman Parenting Conversations – This series features film screenings, lectures, and discussions on topics of interest to parents today, including resiliency, success, social media, and more.
  • Yitzhak Rabin Memorial Lecture – This annual public lecture attracts world leaders, scholars, and politicians to share insights into the work of peace and conflict resolution. Past speakers include former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Elie Wiesel, Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagen, and Special Envoy for Middle East Peace George Mitchell.

Community Celebrations

  • Purim Ball – The Purim Ball and Auction, a beloved tradition, brings everyone out for a costumed or elegant evening in which we honor leaders in our community and raise funds for the school and the Susan Koss Scholarship Program.
  • Trivia Night – A fun adult evening with trivia and table-themed competitions.
  • Share the Nachas Day – Grandparents and special visitors get an insider’s view as they experience a day in a Milton classroom.
  • Birthday Lunch
  • Grade-level Family Socials
  • Pajama & Movie Night – MPA hosts a Sunday afternoon pajama party where kids can enjoy food and a family-friendly movie.

Performing Arts

  • Middle School Play
  • Middle School Musical
  • Israeli Dance Performances – This performing arts program features Israeli dancing by students in Pre-K through Grade 8, including at the DC Israeli Dance Festival each spring.

Parent-School Partnership

  • Coffee with Milton’s Counselors – At these small gatherings, guidance team members discuss ways to support children and families, and parents ask questions and share their experiences.
  • Back to School Night – A nuts-and-bolts orientation for families at which teachers and staff present a view of what lies ahead.
  • Annual Board Meeting – This open meeting of the Board offers all an opportunity to reflect on the school year, honor parent volunteers, and recognize retiring and new board members.

Community Outreach

  • The MPA and Milton Mensches connect parents, students, and staff with meaningful opportunities to support community organizations through volunteer projects and drives. Our community partners include Martha’s Kitchen, A Wider Circle, and So What Else.
  • Student Council – Moetzet HaTalmidim organizes  exciting events and experiences designed to build community, spread joy, connect students to their learning and Jewish values, and raise critical funds for various causes.
  • Good Deeds Week –  Milton partners with The Jewish Federation on community-based chesed projects.
  • Student-Initiated Projects – Students engage in a tikkun olam activities that reflect their commitment to social action and our local community. Activities include neighborhood clean up, collection drives, and more

Student Presentations

  • Chagigat Ha’Lomdim (Celebration of Learners) – Pre-K through Grade 1 students celebrate the culmination of study units by presenting their projects to parents and friends.
  • Grade-level presentations – Student-driven, interactive presentations focusing on grade-specific academic work. Parents are invited to view their child’s culminating project displays and to learn from the student experts. Examples include Second Grade Showcases about Washington DC, Third Grade Native American Museum and United States Travel Fair, Fourth Grade World Expo, Fifth Grade Colonial Village, and Sixth Grade Game Fair based on the Odyssey as well as their presentation of Independent Research and creation of interactive exhibits on Ancient Civilizations.
Chagigat Ha’Lomdim (Celebration of Learners)
Chagigat HaChumash
Share the Nachas Day
Yitzhak Rabin Memorial Lecture
Ari Zymelman Parenting Conversations
Trivia Night