Tuition and Assistance

Tuition and Assistance

Tuition for the 2021-22 school year is as follows:

Affording Milton

A fundamental goal of the school is to provide all families in the community the opportunity to send their children to Milton through graduation. Milton supports its strong commitment to socio-economic diversity through its Tuition Assistance program. The school offers need-based tuition assistance awards that seek to cover the difference between a family’s available resources and the cost of a student’s educational expenses.

For the 2020-21 school year, Milton distributed almost $3 million in tuition assistance to about 50% of its families. While Milton expects all parents to contribute toward the tuition cost to the extent they are financially able, the school encourages those who need assistance to apply.

Will I qualify for Tuition Assistance?

Families are often surprised at the amount of assistance granted each year. If you are uncertain whether you will qualify, please refer to the chart below:

Duration and Commitment

In the 2020-2021 school year, the Tuition Assistance awards were for a two-year duration rather than a one-year award.

How did this work?

  • Unless a family’s circumstances change significantly from 2020—2021, each family applying for Tuition Assistance will receive the same award amount for the 2021—2022 school year that they receive for the 2020—2021 school year. Families may pay a certain portion of the tuition increase in 2021—2022 depending upon their financial circumstances.
  • Families will need to complete a Tuition Assistance application each year.
  • Unless any of the following occur, tuition paid by the family will remain level (with a small increase if tuition increases) for two years:
    • A change in income of more than 10% in either direction.
    • A change in the size of the family — i.e. new baby.
    • Another child attending Milton or another tuition charging school.
    • Another child leaving private school and entering the public school system.
    • The family asks for a full review.
  • A reserve fund is also set aside for families who unexpectedly need assistance during the school year regardless of their current award.


How to Apply for Tuition Assistance

Smartaid will be conducting the financial need analysis for Milton for the upcoming 2021—2022 school year. Follow the steps below to apply for tuition assistance at Milton for the 2021—2022 school year. New students must also complete an admission application in addition to the tuition assistance application. Tuition assistance applications are due January 15, 2021.

STEP 1 ­– Submit Your Smartaid Tuition Assistance Application by January 15, 2021.
STEP 2 ­– Gather Supporting Documents
STEP 3 – Submit Documents to Smartaid
STEP 4 – Submit Supplemental Letter to Milton (optional but recommended)


For Help with your application or questions regarding the mechanics contact Smart Aid

​For general questions about tuition assistance at Milton, please contact Director of Admission, Sindy Udell.


All financial information submitted to Milton is treated with the highest standard of confidentiality. Following the best practices of independent schools, there are no parents, faculty members, or Board of Trustee members on the Tuition Assistance Committee.