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MILTON Sings for Israel

February 21, 2024 by Lindsey Jacobson (Faculty and Staff)

Over the long days and months following October 7, the MILTON community has sought creative, thoughtful, and age-appropriate ways for students to engage  authentically with Israel and to demonstrate our community’s steadfast support of our Israeli family. In addition to daily tefillot, letter writing, fundraising, and education, teachers were inspired to create MILTON Sings for Israel to bring the whole campus together in song. The concept was for each grade on North Campus to sing an Israeli song to foster connection with Israel, and to share the joy, connection, and hope that can come through the shared experience of singing together. Each class would sing a song, and the faculty also chose a song to sing together.

Hebrew Department Chair for Grades 2-8 Aliza Sandalon shared that the songs were carefully chosen – they needed to project positive energy, both in terms of melody and lyrics, that would emphasize the strength, hope, and love our community wanted to send to Israel. During the performance, the lyrics were projected in Hebrew and English so that both the performers and the audience could connect in a meaningful way with the songs that were chosen with such care and intention. 

Aliza shared that the Hebrew department wanted the students to raise their voices together in song to share their joy and hope with our Israeli mishpacha who needs it so much. The students were up to the task, working diligently in rehearsals and feeling the responsibility to be a source for joy and hope in a challenging time. 

“Singing together as a community was such a heartwarming and empowering experience, and a beautiful example of the spirit of the MILTON community,” Aliza said. During the performance, teachers were singing along and taking videos to share with their own friends and family in Israel.