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Learning and Building Connections with iBuddies

December 3, 2015 by Anna W (’16) (Students) Gabriel B (’16) (Students) Rochelle B (’16) (Students) Samantha F (’16) (Students)

The Sixth Grade and Kindergarten classes at JPDS-NC participate in a program called iBuddies. Every Kindergartener is assigned to a Sixth Grade buddy who uses technology to help them research the projects they work on in class. On their last visit, buddy teams worked on finding and creating patterns for the Kindergarten math unit, and discussed and illustrated the story of Creation for the Judaic Studies unit. iBuddies helps Kindergarteners to learn, be creative, experience technology, and connect with older students.

Kindergarteners Molly, David and Gabriel said “iBuddies is fun,” and “we love working with iPads.” The Sixth Graders enjoy seeing the younger kids, teaching them, and being role models. Anna said “It’s great to see these awesome little people become more awesome. Since pre-K moved to the South Campus, having this program lets us make these special connections with the youngest JPDS-NC students.” Rochelle added, “We were once in pre-K and Kindergarten – and being with the younger students lets us relive what we did and learned before. Only now, we see what they are learning… and connect it to how much we know now.” Samantha added, “We also learn how they think and get to understand their point of view. It’s great for us to experience what they are experiencing for the first time.” Gabriel noted, “the iBuddies program teaches us how to teach, and how to share our experience without talking down to the younger students.” All in all, iBuddies is a wonderful, educational experience.