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Daniela M (’23)


Kindergarteners Create a Code for their Secrets Time Capsule

December 24, 2014 by Ayelet M (’23) (Students) Daniela M (’23) (Students) Yarden W (’23) (Students)

Our Kindergarten class has been interested in the idea of telling and sharing secrets. We thought about the Harry Potter book called Chamber of Secrets, and that gave us the idea to make a time capsule for our class. We are burying a box and the box will hold the secrets we want others to […]

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Kindergarteners Learn about Seeds and Visit the Audubon Society

November 12, 2014 by Daniela M (’23) (Students) Elana E (’23) (Students) Emma L (’23) (Students) Liana L (’23) (Students) Ori K (’23) (Students) Yedidyah L (’23) (Students)

We learned about seeds in Kindergarten Science. At the end of our unit, we thought about everything we learned. Elana said, “Seeds make plants. They grow into big plants.” Daniela added, “seeds are like little babies because when they grow, it is like babies growing; and when they open, it is like babies talking.” We […]

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