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Kindergarteners Create a Code for their Secrets Time Capsule

December 24, 2014 by Ayelet M (’23) (Students) Daniela M (’23) (Students) Yarden W (’23) (Students)

Our Kindergarten class has been interested in the idea of telling and sharing secrets. We thought about the Harry Potter book called Chamber of Secrets, and that gave us the idea to make a time capsule for our class. We are burying a box and the box will hold the secrets we want others to see. We want people to open the box a long time from now; they will see the things we were talking about and learning about in our time.

To get our time capsule ready, we are working in committees. One committee will work to make a map to lead to our secrets box. We are researching current events and learning about our school’s history; they are events that everybody in the world knows about. We will include them so people in the future will know what was happening when the time capsule was made. The code committee is making a code, so people can open our box … but only when we want them to. One morning, we were playing with mirrors and they reflected on the ceiling so it gave us the idea to use the mirrors to make it harder to read our code. You can’t see the code unless you use a flashlight! One secret inside will be clay sculptures of each of us — so people will know that these are our secrets. Come back to see what’s inside before we bury it!