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Kindergarteners Learn about Seeds and Visit the Audubon Society

November 12, 2014 by Daniela M (’23) (Students) Elana E (’23) (Students) Emma L (’23) (Students) Liana L (’23) (Students) Ori K (’23) (Students) Yedidyah L (’23) (Students)

We learned about seeds in Kindergarten Science. At the end of our unit, we thought about everything we learned. Elana said, “Seeds make plants. They grow into big plants.” Daniela added, “seeds are like little babies because when they grow, it is like babies growing; and when they open, it is like babies talking.”

We looked at the many seeds we harvested from our playground sunflower garden – beans, pumpkins, coconuts, horse chestnuts, acorns, milkweed, and sunflower seeds. We made a “Seed Museum” in our classroom with seeds, books and sketches. Everyone liked when we collected pumpkin seeds! “We got them by pulling them out of the slimy pumpkin. It was gooey. We also counted them- we had 358! Next year, we are going to plant them in the school garden,” said Emma.

We did different growing experiments. We planted bean seeds in plastic baggies. We put them in wet paper towels and we watched them grow. Yedidyah noted, “some grew a lot and some did not grow a lot. A garden does that.” Ori remembered that “seeds need rain or water, and sunshine to grow.” We also learned about how seeds are spread. Elana said that “seeds can fly from their plants to spread to other areas to make other plants.”

We wrapped up our unit with a field trip to Audubon Naturalist Society in Chevy Chase. Liana remembered, “We came to a field of milkweed and we opened them and blew them away to make news ones.”