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Third Grader Engineers Conduct an Egg Drop Science Experiment

June 18, 2014 by Simone K (’17) (Students)

In science, the third-graders did a project called “Egg Drop.” There were 12 groups, and each group was challenged to use recycled materials to protect an egg that was going to be dropped from the school’s roof. Each group was given tissue paper, a paper towel, packing peanuts, bubble wrap, an egg carton and string. In class, we learned that a triangle was a strong structure, so many groups tried to include triangles in their designs. We were afraid it was going to rain on the day of the egg drop, but the weather was fine. I held my breath as my group’s egg was dropped. The moment it hit the ground, I knew our egg had cracked. There was yolk dripping out of the container. Too bad! I would suggest that other schools do this exciting activity.