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Sixth Graders Take on Team-Building Challenges at Hemlock Overlook

September 24, 2014 by Beri G (’15) (Students)

On Monday, our sixth-grade classes went to Hemlock Overlook, a regional park in Clifton, Va., that offers outdoor environmental education and team-building for schools and other groups. There, we learned about the importance of planning and teamwork through team-building challenges. Some of these challenges were working together to solve a giant “Towers of Hanoi” puzzle, trying to walk on a low tightrope while others kept us safe by spotting, trying to lift a very heavy log attached to a pulley and bring it back down without it touching the ground, and something called a “whale watch” that required balancing on a teetering platform while standing on it all together. We also had to figure out how to retrieve a rope hanging over a pit of mud that they called the “peanut butter pit,” then swing across it on the rope, be caught by our classmates, and then throw the rope back to the next person on the starting side. There was also a zip line. Our trip to Hemlock was a very interesting and fun experience.