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Second Graders Visit a Corn Maze, Then Build Their Own Math Maze

October 29, 2014 by Class of 2021 (Students)

The JPDS-NC 2nd grade went on a class field trip to Sharp’s Farm. We went to the farm because we are learning about mazes and the farm had a huge corn maze! While on the farm, we learned about bees, fed animals, and picked pumpkins and popping corn. We also saw a peacock and took a hayride across a stream (and back again). The Maze was really tricky. Since the maze was so hard, at most intersections there were questions. The questions were about coyotes and black bears. If you answered correctly you were sent in the right direction, but if you got it wrong, you went to a dead end. Even though we got stuck in the maze, we had fun. We learned about the animals and discovered that solving a maze on paper is much easier than solving a maze you’re walking through. The corn in the maze was so tall we could not see over it, so we had to use different strategies. Our experiences at the enormous corn maze will help us when we build our own life-size, walk-through maze at JPDS-NC!