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Students Program Robots to Make their own Thanksgiving Day-style Parade

November 23, 2021

Second grade created a Thanksgiving Day-style parade – led by robots! The hands-on project integrated STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math), Design Thinking and language arts learning! Students read the story, “Balloons Over Broadway” about the designer of the famous Macy’s Day parade balloons, and learned how he used the Design Thinking process to redesign and improve his idea until he created the famous balloons that we see today. Second graders used their Design Thinking skills to make their own balloon creatures, applied math skills to create the route and measure road pieces, and used Ozobot robots to pull the balloons along the parade route. Students also learned how Ozobots use sensors to follow movement commands. The children were so excited for the parade and the dramatic culmination of this project! Thanks to the third graders for coming to check out this special