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Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff Reflects on Conversation with Milton Students at White House Virtual Seder

May 2, 2022

At this year’s virtual White House Seder, Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff spent a few minutes talking about Milton eighth graders and their penetrating insights. Mr. Emhoff spoke beautifully about his conversations with our students and how their reflections were sticking with him. Their discussion centered on the interconnections between the Seder’s story of freedom and the American struggle for independence and democracy. Click on the video below and go to 4:40 to hear about his conversation with Milton eighth graders. Seriously, not to be missed – we were kvelling!

Mr. Emhoff’s pre-Passover visit made national news and a big splash on social media. It was the lead story on Jewish Insider as well as in eJewishPhilanthropy. And there were additional pieces on Politico and Kveller. His Instagram account and twitter feed included a video of him making matzah with our fourth graders along with step-by-step instructions for making matzah at home. On the whirlwind visit, he also got to see the beautiful Passover projects students made including Seder plates, Haggadot, Elijah’s cups, matzah covers, Divrei Torah, journals, and board games. He even got to join our pre-Passover pep rally. And if that were not enough, we had a Pesach flash mob. Dayenu!

White House Virtual Seder

Doug Emhoff Visit to MILTON & Passover Flash Mob