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Pre-Kindergarten Performs for Veterans Day

November 19, 2015 by Class of 2025 (Students)

Every year, JPDS-NC has a Veterans Day program where all the students perform songs to honor and thank our veterans and service members. We asked pre-K students about their thoughts and feelings before the big show. Yael J. said, “I feel happy because I want to be on stage.” Sam S. said, “I am a little nervous because there will be a lot of people I don’t know in front of me.” Caleb K. added, “I’m nervous because I’m in front of tons of big people I don’t know who might think I’ll make a mistake.” Amalia N. said, “I feel happy because I’ve never seen it before and I’m excited for the parents to come and see us sing and dance.”

After the matinee and evening performances, Nat S. said, “I liked the second performance because I was proud of myself. I laughed at myself at the ends. I was happy when I saw my parents when I was walking on the aisle.” Yael J. stated, “We were the best class!” Natalie H. said, “I was happy. I saw my parents and grandma there.” Henry S. also commented, “I’m happy that my mom and dad were there and so was my sister Elana.”