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Our Mo’etzet Talmidim (Student Council) attends the National Hunger Seder

April 11, 2014 by Ronit Greenstein (Faculty and Staff)

Our Mo’etzet Talmidim (Student Council) joined Members of Congress, Administration officials, interfaith and anti-hunger leaders, and individuals affected by hunger at the National Hunger Seder. Our students traveled to the Capitol Visitor Center and had a chance to participate in a seder organized by JCPA and Mazon that focused on the oppression of hunger. They came back with amazing insights:

Andrew K, 6th Grade

“We read the Haggadah with representatives from the Department of Agriculture, important representatives, and leaders of organizations. They shared their thoughts on hunger in the US and all over the world. They focused on senior hunger.

“There were a lot of changes to the Haggadah. Instead of the four sons, they had the four seniors: one who is interested in learning and wants to help; one who is not hungry and doesn’t think hunger has to do with him; one who is hungry but embarrassed; one who is hungry but doesn’t know why learning about hunger is important.”

Aden B, 6th Grade

“The Hunger Seder was informative. The Haggadah had parables in it to show different perspectives on hunger – like Honi the Circle Maker and The Babies in the River. They also had ten hunger-related plagues. All the student council representatives got to participate. Every grade read a different prayer. The 6th graders read the Kiddush and another blessing.”

Ben Z, 5th Grade

“The seder was long but cool. It was mostly about the theme. The main point was to make people aware that there are millions of people who can’t put nutritious food on the table.”

Beri G, 5th Grade

“I found it surprising that a lot of seniors were suffering from hunger.”

Rochelle B, 4th Grade

“The stories that they told during the seder were fun and interesting. The stories were short and sounded like fairy tales but then the people in the stories did what you would do in real life to help. Also, we were the only school there. It made me feel special.”

Eli K, 4th Grade

“I’ve heard about the Hunger Seder but I have never been to it before. It was fun, cool and special.”

Matan G, 3rd Grade

“It’s really exciting because you are saying the blessings and speaking in front of important people in the Capitol.”

Ella E, 3rd Grade

“I was really excited because I have never been to it before. It was fun to learn how I can help.”

Thank you to all the members of our Student Council, their advisers Jerry Pearl and Jessica Walker, parent chaperones, and all those who made this experience possible for our students.