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Multi-Disciplinary Exploration of Identity in Pre-K

January 2, 2020 by Ronit Greenstein (Faculty and Staff)

Identity has proven to be a meaningful entry point to children in early childhood as it gives them opportunities to recognize, identify, experience, and celebrate the many components of what make them who they are. Our Pre-K teaching team worked with intention to create meaningful, multi-disciplinary opportunities engaging the children to make connections across the curriculum. The children learned about themselves and each other through conversations, play and literature. This week, Pre-Kindergarteners showcased their learning about identity and self expression at their Bayit Patuach (Open House). Students explored various components that comprise identity including physical characteristics and personality traits. Inspired by an author study of Jamie-Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell, the children produced personal books. They also created wire self-portraits inspired by their study of artist Alexander Calder. In addition to individual artwork, the children compiled a list of characteristics, chose a trait they felt best described them, and then wrote and illustrated that trait on a geometric shape; the shapes were assembled together to create a class mobile, a collaborative work of art meant to represent another aspect of our identity, group identity.