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Kids Get Cooking with Chesed Cooks!

January 21, 2016 by Mira E (’20) (Students) Willa R (’20) (Students)

Parents and children work together in the school kitchen during Chesed Cooks.Last Sunday, the JPDS-NC Chesed (Kindness) Committee and the Random Acts of Kindness Committee organized a special activity where parents and kids cook meals to help families in need.  More than 20 people came and together we made eight full-size lasagnas and six batches of chocolate chip cookies. Then the food was frozen. When a family has an event in their lives and need help, they have food so they can focus on the event. Sometimes the meal is delivered to the family in need, or the family can pick up the food from school.

Chesed Cooks! happens every two to three months. Last time, families made chicken soup with matzah balls, polenta, vegetable casseroles and brownies. Kids helped do everything – chopping vegetables, following recipes, measuring, stirring, using the hand mixer, and pouring. Our Science teacher Ms. Cohen met with students in the Design Lab during the first cooking event and talked about the importance of packaging, so the kids decorated tinfoil for the food and wrapped it very nicely.

“I think it’s really nice that the Chesed Committee does this for people,” said volunteer Susan Schatten. It is an important mitzvah (good deed) to help those in need who are sick or had a death in their family, or even something happy like a new baby.