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JPDS-NC Students Perform Israeli Dance at Annual Showcase

June 4, 2014 by Sabrina B (’14) (Students)

Last week, we had our fifth annual Israeli dance show. At the show, students perform group dances to Israeli music. The students work together as a class to learn the dances. All students in the younger grades learn Israeli dance and perform in the show, but it is an elective for fifth- and sixth-graders. In the upper grades, there is a “chug” (Hebrew for group activity) for Israeli dance and we meet once a week. At JPDS-NC, students can choose two different chugs each year, such as dance, choir and drama. The students who participate in the dance chug in the second semester dance in the show. Our performance is in the Hebrew Academy auditorium because JPDS-NC’s gymnasium is no longer big enough to hold all our students for the show. Being part of the show is fun because you’re with your friends the entire time, and you get to see the different dances that all the grades do. The show is organized by Daniela Tam, a JPDS-NC staff member from Israel, and choreographed by Ms. Tam and our dance teachers. Sadly, this year was Ms. Tam’s last year because she is moving back to Israel later this month. On behalf of the JPDS-NC family, I would like to thank Ms. Tam for all of the hard work she has put into the shows for the last five years.