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JPDS-NC Students Cover School Production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

January 28, 2015 by Hannah D (’16) (Students) Jennifer N (’16) (Students) Johanna L (’16) (Students) Naomi M (’16) (Students) Rachel Z (’16) (Students) Rebecca S (’16) (Students) Robert Z (’16) (Students) Rochelle B (’16) (Students) Sammy R (’16) (Students) Yael N (’16) (Students)

JPDS-NC’s students put on a production of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.” We performed twice, once for the whole school, and once for families and the community. We had 42 performers ranging from pre-kindergarten to sixth grade in the show, and a student stage crew that helped make amazing sets and props. We had a lot of dedicated parents who volunteered and helped – they were “awesome and really positive.”

Making the play a success took a lot of work. “At the beginning, we did warm-ups, singing, and blocking. We would go through and put scenes together, and you could make suggestions to each other,” said Johanna. “Being in the play was a great experience – I liked acting with my friends,” said Hannah. “My favorite scene was when the beautiful coat is shown off for the first time,” said Josie. “The coat was beautiful, and the choreography was really cool and dramatic.”

On crew, “we all had multiple projects,” said Yael. “We were fluffing the sheep in the hallway while inside they were glitter-ifying stars. It was really fun.” “I liked making props and working crew during the performances. It was a very good experience,” said Robert.

“All the grades worked well together. We bonded and made friends,” said Naomi. “It was a really tight-knit cast,” added Rochelle. “At the end of the first performance, we were hugging…all that work paid off,” said Jennifer. “Then we remembered we had another performance tomorrow!” added Sammy. “It felt satisfying,” said Rebecca, “and like I wanted to do another play!”