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First Graders Name "Fidget Spinners" in Hebrew

June 2, 2017 by Vered Goldstein (Faculty and Staff)

The Academy of the Hebrew Language, an Israeli educational institution that creates new Hebrew words, is looking to create a unique Hebrew name for fidget spinners. The Zaytim first grade class accepted the challenge and worked to brainstorm four possible names – which they submitted to the Academy!

Their suggestions were: “itzbubon – אִיצְבּוּבוֹן” (a combination of “etzba,” finger, and “sevivon,” top or dreidel), “itzbubon – עִיצְבּוּבוֹן” (a combination of “itzbun,” stimulation, and “sevivon“), “S’viget – סְבִיגֶ’ט” (a combination of “fidget” and “sevivon“) and “spivon – סְפִּיבוֹן” (a combination of “spinner” and “sevivon“).

Kol Hakavod to the first graders for their bilingual creativity!