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Fifth Graders Publish Hebrew Newspaper

March 16, 2021 by Ronit Greenstein (Faculty and Staff)

Fifth Graders just published the first edition of their Hebrew newspaper! Every student in the class chose their own topic and contributed an article in Ivrit to the publication. These articles share the unique perspectives and experiences of our students as they learned, lived, and navigated this year. News stories include a description of mifgashim last fall (comparing experiences at two offsite locations), learning piano (solo) while waiting for your teacher to get vaccinated, a book review, sports, weather, a survey of students about Zoom and in-person learning, the benefits of learning Latin, math during COVID, reflections on winter 2021, learning guitar over Zoom, the history of Walmart, a bio of Yitzhak Rabin, and musings on the spring phase at Milton and the exciting changes it will bring. Wow. Kol hakavod to the students!!! And toda raba to Hebrew teacher Gila Efrati for giving students this incredible opportunity to express themselves in Hebrew – and get their writing published!

As part of the language proficiency approach, Milton educators design “high-interest units” to engage children by relating to the students’ developmental stage and connecting to their interests and environment. Our Hebrew education program utilizes best practices and is informed by the latest research in second language acquisition and pedagogy. In 2019, Milton was designated as a ‘Leading in Hebrew’ model school by Hebrew at the Center. As such, the school serves as a leader and contributor to the field of modern Hebrew language and literacy by modeling best practices to other schools.

Read the newspaper here.