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Fifth Graders Design Math Games and Host a Math Carnival

April 22, 2015 by Naomi M (’16) (Students)

My fifth grade math class held a Math Carnival. Our class decided at the beginning of the year to find a fun way of expressing what we learned. We split into groups and began to think of creative ways to make math-related games. Each group was assigned a different math unit, and we had to work together to make a game about it.  One group made a game on how to measure the perimeter and area of a triangle, and the circumference and diameter of a circle; another group made “Pin the Parentheses on the Equation,” their own version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

Although presenting the games was fun, the most fun we had was making them. Whenever we walked into math class, we immediately asked our teacher if we were doing “carnival” that day. When we made the games, we laughed, had fun and helped each other out.  If somebody didn’t understand a math question, someone else would explain it to them; if someone needed help making their game, others would find ways to contribute.

Now that the carnival is over, we still find ways to relate it to our math class. If someone doesn’t understand a concept, another student will say “Hey, I made a game on this!” and proceed to explain the concept. In the end, the math carnival was a success, both in terms of making and presenting games, and in terms of teaching my math class things we never knew.