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Experiential Learning Integrates Social Studies, Science, Art and Hebrew

November 1, 2021

Second graders visited iconic DC sites, exploring elements of design and reflecting on their meaning. On their recent field trip, students learned about city architecture and planning on a special walking tour. Stops included the U.S. Botanical Gardens, Native American Museum Memorial, U.S. Capitol Building (which the children sketched), and the Washington Monument. At the Botanical Gardens, our group had exclusive use of the amphitheater, an outdoor learning space within the gardens. General Studies teachers shared an engaging learning packet they created for the children. The packet prompted students to draw different species of flowers and plants, explore and ask questions, and even design their own Botanical Garden. The experience incorporated Hebrew learning. Children enjoyed a read-aloud book about different flowers and gardens in Ivrit, and students and teachers spoke in English and Hebrew on the field trip. Second grade loved their multi-sensory, multi-disciplinary field trip – and were absolutely thrilled to once again be able to include parent chaperones on our field trip.