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Elementary School Director Arielle Derby to Lead Cohort in Pedagogy of Partnership Day School Fellowship

April 19, 2018 by Ronit Greenstein (Faculty and Staff)

We are delighted to announce that MILTON has been selected to be in the inaugural cohort of the Pedagogy of Partnership Day School Fellowship. Elementary School Director Arielle Derby will lead a team of MILTON educators – Grade 5 General Studies Teacher Marissa Bullock, Grade 4 General Studies Teacher Hanina Goldstein, and Grades 3 and 4 Judaic Studies Teacher Nechama Malkiel – in this exciting endeavor.

Pedagogy of Partnership (PoP) is an innovative research-based pedagogy and Jewish content provider that focuses on the design of relationship-centered education, helping learners of all ages cultivate empathy, curiosity, collaboration and communication skills, and connection with others. PoP helps learners improve their communication and interpretive skills and be better able to seek understanding, and engage with Jewish texts and wisdom.

“The PoP Fellowship offers Jewish Day Schools an opportunity to expand and innovate Jewish educational thinking,” said Naomi Reem. “We are fortunate to have an exceptional Jewish and education professional like Arielle to lead our team, and to have talented educators like Marissa, Hanina, and Nechama who are dedicated to promoting academic excellence, meaningful learning, and deep engagement among our students.”

Arielle is a master educator, curriculum developer, and administrator who has served Jewish day schools in multiple capacities throughout her career. In her two years at MILTON Arielle has led the Elementary School Division with vision, skill, and copious enthusiasm. This summer she was selected to participate in Prizmah’s YOU Lead program for Jewish day school professionals, and also attended “Project Zero Classroom” at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Before coming to MILTON, Arielle spent much of her career at the Lerner Jewish Community Day School in Durham, NC, where she served as Principal of the school, overseeing its full educational program and supervising its faculty. Prior to that post, Arielle served as the Director of Judaic Studies at Lerner and also taught in both General Studies and Judaic Studies.

“We are honored to be part of the inaugural Pedagogy of Partnership cohort and excited for this opportunity to lead, learn, contribute, and connect with other Jewish day schools,” said Elementary School Director Arielle Derby. In addition to MILTON, three other schools were selected to participate in the inaugural cohort of the PoP Day School Fellowship: Luria Academy in Brooklyn, NY; Oakland Hebrew Day School in Oakland, CA; and Solomon Schechter Day School of Greater Boston in Boston, MA.

As part of the multi-year PoP Fellowship, Arielle, Marissa, Hanina, and Nechama will attend two immersive summer institutes with participating schools, as well as numerous professional development units throughout the school year. Arielle will work closely with teachers to learn about PoP and work to implement its strategies in their classrooms. Arielle will also attend a PoP leadership institute each year.

The fellowship is administered by Hadar in collaboration with the Pedagogy of Partnership and is funded by a joint grant from the AVI CHAI, Kohelet, and Mayberg Foundations.