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Video: Capstone Trip to Israel

July 7, 2022 by Ronit Greenstein (Faculty and Staff)

Milton’s Israel Education program is designed to help students cultivate a meaningful relationship and connection with Israel, along with an understanding of the history of Israel, the land, and its people. Students learn about Israeli culture as well as the Hebrew language through engagement with authentic texts and materials such as Israeli stories, songs, games, videos, and celebrations in early childhood and elementary school. The middle school’s three-year course of study engages students through experiential learning that emphasizes connection to Israel along with an in-depth academic exploration of the modern State of Israel. Then, in Grade 8, students embark on a capstone trip to Israel that offers opportunities for deeper learning and connections.


Enjoy video highlights from Milton’s capstone trip to Israel in 2022.

“Capstone Trip to Israel”

Produced by Ronit Greenstein and Mariana Lemcovich.

Sound Edited by Dikla Pinchasi-Roll.