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Torah Talk for Parashat Haazinu

September 24, 2015 by Sharon Freundel (Community)

At the end of Moshe’s last speech to Bnei Yisrael, Hashem tells Moshe to write down a song to teach to the Israelites.

“Put this song in their mouths,” Hashem says, “so that the words may become a witness for Me against them. After I bring them to the land that flows with milk and honey, they will eat and be satisfied and become obese. They will turn to other gods and serve them and mock Me and break My covenant. Then when many oppressive evils come upon them, this song will testify against them as witness.”

Many of us are familiar with the old American adage, “There are no atheists in fox holes,” meaning that, when people have something critical on the line, many of them turn almost automatically to Hashem. The question is whether people recognize the goodness of God when things are going fine for them, when they become proverbially “fat.” Read More>