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Third Graders Conduct Research about the Fifty States

May 14, 2014 by Sarah B (’17) (Students)

Each year, students in third grade at JPDS-NC get to do a project about the 50 states. Students learn about their states for three months. First, each child reads a book about their state and composes four questions. After that, it’s time to start to make our own books. Students write about what their state is most famous for, the Native Americans who lived in their state, interesting places to visit, four questions about their state, basic facts and state symbols. Students also get to work on a creative display of their state. The display must include what their state is most famous for, an interesting thing to do there, and/or something fun they have learned throughout their project. The displays get put in the hallway on tables where all the other grades can see them! The final part of the project is a presentation to the class. Students talk about the things they learned and give out tiny souvenirs that are either from their state or represent it.

I picked New Jersey because I have a lot of cousins, aunts and uncles who live there and we visit them a lot. This week, students in my class did presentations about New Mexico, Hawaii, North Carolina, Ohio, Wisconsin, California, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, South Dakota, Oklahoma and New Jersey. After our presentations, we talked together about our states. We learned a lot and are very proud of our work.