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Third Graders Celebrate their Learning at Chagigat HaChumash

October 21, 2015 by Class of 2021 (Students)

Friday was a great day to learn Torah at JPDS-NC! The third graders celebrated receiving their first chumash (a copy of the Torah, the Jewish Bible) at Chagigat HaChumash (Celebration of the Chumash). “Chagigat HaChumash was a great experience for learning about the Torah and getting our chumashim,” said Nathan Szubin. Students and their parents learned about the Torah in five stations: students practiced Torah calligraphy, learned about the Torah as a tree of life, looked at differences between two types of Torahs, learned about Torah trope (cantillation tones), and received their chumashim. “G’veret Reem (the Head of School) gave us our chumashim at the front of the room. She told us we had a note in our chumash from our family,” said Camille Aliaga. “Our very own chumash,” added William Zimmet. “This chumash is one book, instead of five, and it’s easier to carry around,” said Mitchell Lederman, “so you can learn it whenever you want.”

“I feel like I’m learning something that I already knew about but realize now that I don’t, and I’m feeling good about learning something new,” said Shalvah Lazarus. “I’m excited that we will be learning how to use the chumash,” said Maya Roskes. “Learning Chumash is really cool because it’s a story that will continue from one year to the next,” said Noa Grumet. “It’s special because the Torah has existed for many centuries,” said Liam Saxon. We will be learning from these chumashim all our lives!