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Sixth Graders Organize a “Shuk for Shalom” to Raise Money for Israel

November 26, 2014 by Isabel A (’15) (Students) Jonah B (’15) (Students) Miranda N (’15) (Students) Shuli F (’15) (Students)

This fall, the sixth graders at JPDS-NC led a school wide campaign to show our support for Israel. We decided to hold a fundraiser and organized our own shuk (market) at school. In Israel, there is a big shuk where people sell all kinds of things. At our mini-shuk, we sold donated books, toys, games, and CDs. We also had a T-shirt Design Contest and raised money by selling the shirts.
We made up a slogan, “The Shuk for Shalom.” In Hebrew, shalom means peace, and since we want to support Israel in its struggles for peace, we thought it would be a good slogan.

To plan our event, students split up into six committees. The Public Relations Committee got the word out by putting up posters, making speeches and writing about the shuk. The Donations Committee got everyone to donate and organized all the donations. The Finance Committee priced all the donations and the T-shirts. The T-shirt Committee planned the design contest and passed out the T-shirts to students and staff. The Planning the Day Committee decided on the layout of the shuk and made a schedule so each grade could come. The Show the Support Committee got every class to make posters to decorate the gym and organized three stations – an Israeli flag station, a pin-making station, and a station where students can write letters to Israeli soldiers.

In the end, we donated $3125 to the Jewish Federation Israel Emergency Campaign. A big thanks to everyone for making this possible.