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Pre-Kindergarteners Perform for Hundreds at Veterans Day Show

November 19, 2014 by Evelyn M (’24) (Students) Gabriella K (’24) (Students) Hobbes N (’24) (Students) Jack G (’24) (Students) Kylee B (’24) (Students) Noa S (’24) (Students) Shira Z (’24) (Students)

Every year, the children at JPDS-NC put on a Veterans Day concert for the whole school and all the parents. Every grade sings a different song about America or about peace. Some songs in the program this year were Yankee Doodle, Fifty Nifty, and This Land is Your Land.

The pre-K class chose to perform the song Oseh Shalom, which means “He Who Makes Peace” in Hebrew. For about a month, the pre-K class practiced our song and the hand movements that went along with it. “We had to practice for a really, really long time,” Evelyn said.

The big day finally came. To make sure that everyone could see the show, the students performed in two concerts – one performance was during the school day for the entire student body and guests, and the second performance was at night for families who could not attend during the day. “We even sang two times in one day,” said Kylee. “One time was during school and one time at night,” explained Shira.

The pre-K class was the first to go on. “We got to be on a big stage and a lot of people were watching,” Hobbes said. “Everyone was quiet … and we sang loud,” he added. “We were nervous on stage – really, really nervous,” said Evelyn. “It was fun,” Gabi said. “When we were done, people clapped … and then we walked off the stage,” said Noa. “It was a fun thing to do,” said Jack.