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Panda Profile – Ms. Cassy Rush

September 20, 2023

Ms. Cassy Rush

What do you teach? 

Kindergarten General Studies

Why do you teach? 

I teach because kids are amazing. I spend my days laughing, dancing, singing, and reading. It doesn’t get any better than that. I’ve also been lucky enough to have incredible teachers in my life. I hope that I am passing on the gifts that they gave me.

What do you love about MILTON? 

When I was interviewing, Melissa Davis mentioned that South Campus is like a family. I didn’t think much about it. So many schools want to give off the family vibe, but fall short. However, the first week of school a teacher, who was not in my classroom, made the bulletin board in my class. Why? For no other reason than to be helpful. Teachers stopped by constantly to check in and chat. Others handed me lesson plans or offered help. Molly Girona listened to my stories and questions that I had with patience. The people who work here are a funny, intelligent, hard working group of people who love to teach. It really is a family.

Your teaching style in three words? 

Warm – artsy – fun

If you were an animal which animal would you be? Why? 

I think I’d be a cat. Taking naps all day sounds like fun.

Favorite Food – Elotes.
Favorite Team – The MILTON Kindergarten Team!
Favorite BookThe Little Engine That Could
Favorite Movie – I prefer plays – I’m a huge fan of August Wilson.
Favorite Place to Travel – Thailand is amazing!
Do you have a favorite obscure Jewish blessing or reading? 

Pirkei Avot says, “Who is wise? He who learns from every man.” I think that is so important as teachers. My students teach me so much. In fact, if you’d like to know anything about jet engines, I can direct you to one of my students who knows everything!

What is a dream trip you have yet to take? 

I’d love to road trip through a state and see some of the off the beaten path sites that the state has to offer.