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Panda Profile – Coach Hannah Fox

February 9, 2024

What do you teach? 

PE Teacher, Volleyball Coach, I help every now and then with other sports

Why do you teach? 

I love to teach PE because I get to play all day for my job! I love to move around and always knew whatever I ended up doing I could not be still behind a desk. Teaching PE is exciting and very rewarding. It is really cool to see students fall in love with sports at a young age and carry it throughout their life.

What do you love about MILTON? 

I love how supportive everyone is at this school, staff and students included. I think we have a great community that really cares about one another. I love that we celebrate each other when we are up and support each other when we need help.

Your teaching style in three words? 

Energetic, Encouraging, Fun

If you were an animal which animal would you be? Why? 

I’ve been told I’m a golden retriever. I love talking to people, I have a lot of energy, most of the time 🙂

Your Hobbies – Pastimes?

When it is warm I love being outside. I like to paddleboard, go to the beach and pool. I love to do anything outside and near the water.

Favorite Food – Cheese
Favorite Team – Cubs but any Chicago sports team too
Favorite BookSilent Patient (good thriller)
Favorite MoviePrincess Bride
Favorite Place to Travel – Anywhere with a beach
Tell us about your family (either near or far)

My mom and dad live in Norfolk VA, really close to Old Dominion University. I grew up going to lots of ODU athletic events and my parents still go to tons. It’s nice to visit and catch some kind of game when I’m there. My older sister lives in Greenwich CT with her husband and adorable bernese mountain dog, Luna.

Something you have created or accomplished that you would like to share? 

I have run a half marathon! It was great and challenging, very rewarding to finish.

What is a dream trip you have yet to take? 


Favorite moment at MILTON?

Girls Volleyball team made it to the semi finals for the PVAC Conference tournament this past fall. I think my heart was beating a million times a minute for the whole game. They had an amazing season and should be so proud of themselves for how far we came!

What else should we know?

I’m a personal trainer on the side! It’s super fun! I love helping people reach their fitness goals and overall help improve their health and life.