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On the Heels of their Trip to Israel, Eighth Graders Author Hebrew Children’s Book about their Journey

May 27, 2022

At the conclusion of their unit titled קום והתהלך בארץ (Get Up and Walk the Land), eighth graders in the Mastik Hebrew class designed the travel agency החתול הירוק (The Green Cat) complete with a slogan, logo and matching shirts. As a promotion for their travel agency, they then wrote a children’s book in Hebrew titled המסלול של אוסקר ובורטולומיו (Oscar and Bartholomew’s Journey), documenting the adventures of two stuffed animals who traveled through Israel with the agency. The characters’ journey reflects the students’ experiences on their capstone Israel trip in March (the stuffed animals actually traveled with the students throughout Israel and they took pictures of the animals on their trip).

This week, the eighth graders met with third graders on the rooftop field, and read their children’s book to them. After the reading, the authors answered questions and chatted in Hebrew with the students about places they had visited that appeared in the book or places they wanted to visit in the future. A copy of the absolutely charming book has been donated to the school, and can be found in the Hebrew library collection in honor of Shoshana Sfarzada z”l.

Digital Book

Click below to read the book, see photo illustrations and learn about the authors.

Audio Book

Click below for a video of the book ft. audio readings by the 8th graders (each page is read by one of the co-authors).