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News from the MPA Birthday Books and Libraries Committee

November 1, 2018 by Adina Loeb (Community) Evelyn Khoo Schwartz (Community)

The Milton Parent Association presented the school with a one-time gift of $10,000 to help fund the new Milton Middle School Library in October during National Book Month. The libraries at Milton are funded solely by the MPA through the Birthday Books program. Knowing the new Middle School Library would require substantial set-up costs, the MPA set aside funds to help give it a healthy start. During the renovation last year, the MPA paused the Birthday Books program for North Campus students, setting that money aside to add to this year’s Birthday Books and Milton Libraries budget. The gift was presented by MPA Co-Chairs Blake Yedwab and Jessica Dodson to Head of School Naomi Reem, the middle school faculty, and middle school students.

The MPA is working with Milton teachers to generate a “wish list” of favorite, curriculum-related, and other compelling books in order to keep the Milton libraries current and engaging. In addition to teacher input, the MPA also invites you and your children to add your own book requests to the Milton Libraries Parent and Student Wish List. Please share your feedback with us and be a part of building the middle school library collection and enhancing our other libraries. Which books do you or your child love and recommend? Are there any special books that your child is interested in reading? And are there other titles you would like to see in the Milton libraries?

The Birthday Books program itself is also evolving to reflect the changing needs and growth of the school. Students in Early Childhood (Grades Pre-K−1) and Elementary School (Grades 2−5) will choose a book from a selection of grade-appropriate books to “give” to the Milton libraries in honor of their birthday. The student will present the book to the class and then have the opportunity to enjoy the book in class before it goes into wider library circulation. Once our new library system is up and running, students may choose to check out the book and bring it home.

The MPA is excited to pilot a new approach for the middle school. Students will work with a Milton teacher to choose a book to donate to the middle school library. Once selected, the MPA will order the book and your child will have the opportunity to immediately check it out of the library in order to enjoy it at home. As with all Birthday Books, each book will feature an honorary donation plate with the student’s name inside the book.

As a reminder, Birthday Books are purchased with a portion of the MPA dues on behalf of the children with the goal of building a first-class collection in the South Campus libraries, the Rabin Elementary School Library, and the Middle School Library. The Birthday Books Program is a cherished tradition for recognizing our children, reinforcing the value of tzedakah and of giving, and keeping our school library up-to-date with some of the best children’s literature published each year.

MPA Co-chairs Jessica Dodson and Blake Yedwab present a $10,000 check to Head of School Naomi Reem.

Middle school students hold up their favorite books in honor of the MPA’s library donation.