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Meet the Middle School Steering Committee: Co-Chair Steve Laufer

February 3, 2016

When we were looking at elementary school for our kids, we chose JPDS-NC for its academics, for its thoughtful approach to Judaism, and because the community seemed like the right fit for our family. When we started thinking about where we were going to send them for middle school, we again decided that JPDS-NC was the right place… except there was no JPDS-NC middle school to send them to. But now, through the incredible generosity of Ambassador Alfred Moses and the Gottesman family, and countless hours of work from the JPDS-NC staff and parent volunteers, that’s soon going to change. We’re excited to see what happens when the philosophy behind JPDS-NC is applied to 7th and 8th graders and how the school that’s been so wonderful for our kids up to this point responds to their different academic and developmental needs as they get older. And we’re excited to be part of the trailblazing classes of early pioneers that people will talk about years into the future when this K-8 Jewish Day School in the nation’s capital has become a mainstay institution in the Washington Jewish community. Together with the staff, an amazing group of core volunteers has already accomplished so much over the past year on everything, from zoning approvals to facilities to marketing. We hope this space will serve as a place where we can update the community on what’s happening now and what we’re planning for the future. As we move forward we invite everyone to join us in this endeavor: spread the excitement, bring us your ideas, and yes, help us raise the final dollars we need to make this vision a reality. We feel blessed to be part of the JPDS-NC community as it takes this historic step.