Our Stories

Meet the Middle School Steering Committee: Co-Chair Marina Feldman

February 3, 2016

Our journey at JPDS-NC began in 2007 when our oldest daughter entered Kitah Shemesh for Kindergarten. From the start, we felt welcomed and embraced by friends and community. We had the feeling that JPDS-NC would be good for our family. We were right. We have been impressed over the years with the academic excellence of the school, and the warmth and care of teachers who know and understand our kids deeply. As our children grew, we saw the school blossom. We saw the staff expand and the teaching methods improve. We continue to be impressed with the school’s pluralistic approach to Judaism, and the ways that it fosters an environment that inspires children with a solid sense of values, a strong identity, and deep connections to Israel. We were fortunate to experience the opening of the South Campus, a happy and thoughtful place where you cannot help smiling when you visit. We were hoping that JPDS-NC would have a middle school to continue to affirm and expand the learning of our children, and to support their growth through those challenging middle school years in an environment that helps them explore their identity and sense of belonging. We are so fortunate to see our dream come true (at least for one of our children!). The Middle School we build together is and will be a result of the work of donors, volunteers, and educators committed to a Jewish education that will shape generations to come. We will have a beautiful facility with newly renovated space for all students in Grades 2 to 8, a separate floor for the middle school students, a Beit Midrash that will be a place for reflection and learning, a library and space dedicated to the middle school, an excellent academic program and much more. We would love for you to join this effort in any way you can – for the future of our children, the next generation of leaders, and the Jewish community.