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Meet the Middle School Marketing Committee: Co-Chair Marci Klugman

March 10, 2016

When we walked through the doors of JPDS-NC for our prospective parent tour over 6 years ago, I felt like I was entering a warm, lively home. I saw kids singing, dancing and laughing in their classrooms, and older kids (who looked so big!) reading to younger ones sitting on the floor in the hallway. Now my son is one of those older kids, and I am thrilled that next school year marks the one and only year all three of our children will be at JPDS-NC together, representing Pre-K, 3rd grade and 6th grade. Over the past six years, I have witnessed this warm and caring community thrive, and proudly watched my daughter walk through the doors of the South Campus as part of the first Kindergarten class there. Now I am honored to be playing a role in this next phase of the school’s evolution as JPDS-NC expands into Middle School. As the Co-Chair of the Marketing Committee, I am helping lead the development of the school’s rebranding effort. I’ve spent my entire career marketing brands big and small, so I am ecstatic to be working on a branding initiative so near and dear to me, my family, and our entire community.