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Meet the Middle School Facilities Committee: Co-Chair Kimby Berger

February 10, 2016

My husband, Lawrence, and I have been a part of the JPDS-NC community since 2006. Our oldest son, Aden, graduated two years ago, our middle son, Micah, will graduate this year, and our youngest son, Ollie, is in 2nd grade. JPDS-NC has played an incredibly important role in our family and I am always eager to help the school in any way that I can. I have served on the Board since 2010 and on the Executive Committee since 2012. I have chaired the audit committee, the Purim Ball, the Rabin Lecture, and the Facilities Committee for the last three years. In my role on the Facilities Committee, I led the renovation efforts when JPDS-NC expanded to the South Campus. I really enjoyed working on the South Campus so it seemed a natural fit to bring what I learned from that experience to the Middle School expansion. I have extensive professional experience in strategy and marketing for both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, and I am thrilled to be able to apply my expertise toward this historic venture – building a new Jewish middle school in Washington, DC.