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Meet the Endowment Committee: Co-Chair Kim Aftergood

April 14, 2016

I am the proud parent of JPDS-NC sixth grader Lincoln Aftergood. My husband Steven, Lincoln, and I have been a part of the JPDS-NC community for seven wonderful years. I’d like to share with you how and why I volunteer at JPDS-NC and how grateful I am to have landed a seat on the JPDS-NC Endowment Committee.
As a new parent, I wanted to support the school’s priorities and meet great people, so I began volunteering in the school’s “Ru’ach” annual fund campaign. Being a volunteer was great, but I knew I could do more so I became the parent chair of the campaign. As the years passed and my awareness of the unique role JPDS-NC plays in our community grew, I decided that I wanted to try to have a lasting impact beyond my family’s tenure so I joined the JPDS-NC Board of Trustees. I am approaching my second term with the JPDS-NC Board, and am currently the Chair of the Trustee Committee working to promote the school’s growth. We are committed to pursuing an Endowment for our school so generations to come could be as enriched as my family has been. Through Adina Kanefield’s leadership of the JPDS-NC Advancement Office, our Board pursued an opportunity to join the Generations program that could jump-start our Endowment efforts at a scale we couldn’t sustain on our own. When the opportunity arose for trustees to commit to this great opportunity, I quickly raised my hand. It all starts and ends with people raising their hands with whatever time they can make to contribute to something greater than themselves. I hope you join me, my family and our school on this great Endowment adventure. Its impact may be difficult to quantify in the short-term, but the legacy that will be created in the long-term is assured.