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Kindergartners Explore Autumn at the Audubon Society

November 4, 2015 by Class of 2024 (Students)

We went on the field trip to Audubon Naturalist Society because we wanted to see nature. We’ve been learning about fall in science, and we wanted to look for fall things like seeds. Before we went, we learned about who John Audubon was. He was an important person because he was a bird expert. When we were there, we saw a big nest that other children made. We all added more sticks to it. It could be an eagle’s nest.

We took a nature hike with a girl named Alex the Slug. First we went to a meadow. We found caterpillars that will turn into moths. They were grizzly bear (woolly bear) caterpillars. They were living in the milkweed patch. We blew the milkweed seeds so they would spread and then more milkweed would grow. In the meadow, there was also a praying mantis egg case. We have a praying mantis in our classroom so this was exciting. When we were going into the woods, we saw a fox home. There were two holes that were connected by a tunnel. In the forest, we saw a pond with frogs. We also heard a woodpecker. The pecks were quiet because it didn’t need to find as much food. We saw other birds, too. We saw 16 creatures on our hike and had fun.