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Kindergarteners Explore Brand-New Playground at JPDS-NC

May 7, 2014 by Isaac Y (’22) (Students) Keira Z (’22) (Students) Zoe B (’22) (Students)

We have a new playground at our school. It is made out of natural things like stone, trees, wood, logs and sand. We also have some grass. We wanted to make it more beautiful. In our kindergarten science class, we learned about Living and Non-living things. We wanted to add more living things to our playground. We started by planting sunflower seeds inside. They are Mammoth Sunflowers and they will be 12 feet tall when they grow! After the seeds sprouted, we took them outside, dug holes and planted them. We watered them every day and then we got to play on the playground. We put up fences around the sunflower plants so that soccer balls wouldn’t knock them over. We look at them everyday to see how they are doing. They are doing really well. We started a composting bin outside. We throw in orange peels, apple cores and banana peels from our snacks and lunches. It will take a long time before everything turns into dirt. We will be able to take the compost out and put it on the sunflowers to help them grow. We are going to plant vegetables, flowers and herbs too.