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Jewish Education Innovation Challenge Awards Milton Grant for Middle School Program

January 16, 2019 by Rebecca Weissman (Community)

Milton was awarded a 2019 Ignition Grant from the Jewish Education Innovation Challenge (JEIC) to support its recently launched Scholars Forum in the middle school. JEIC Ignition Grants jump-start new or developing out-of-the-box programs that improve Jewish education in day schools.

The Scholars Forum is a signature program of the Moses Family Middle School. The year-long, multi-disciplinary course provides students with the opportunity to examine contemporary topics under the guidance of local experts and thought-leaders, while delving into the relevant, related Jewish texts and explorations of Jewish values. “We believe this course will help young learners cultivate skills in research, writing, project management, collaboration, and creative expression through real-life learning,” said Middle School Director Lisa Schopf. “It will further solidify students’ Jewish identities and textual skills so they can embrace a fuller understanding of their roles as Jews, scholars, and citizens of the world.”

“We are enthusiastic about Milton’s unique approach to empowering students through the study of contemporary topics of personal and global relevance using the lenses of Jewish tradition and scholarship,” said JEIC Founding Director Rabbi Shmuel Feld. “The hands-on, real-world learning will help students understand how they can make a difference now, as well as in the future, through the authentic responsibilities and learning with experts this program includes.”

Over the past six years, JEIC has supported more than 15 Jewish day schools’ innovations aimed at reigniting students’ passion for Jewish learning and improving the way Jewish values, literacy, practice and belief are transferred to the next generation. JEIC is a bold initiative to catalyze radical change in Jewish day schools across North America by bringing together educators, funders, influencers, and consumers to challenge day schools to achieve their mandate of optimizing student internalization of Jewish wisdom, identity, and decision making in the modern world. Initiated in 2012 by the Mayberg Foundation and supported through multiple philanthropic partnerships, JEIC pursues lasting school change through directed funding, philanthropic partnerships, impactful conferences, and innovative educational enterprises.